… A Matter of Attitude

While quality parameters often relate to product specifications, error elimination and application of quality tools like 6 sigma and TQM, we at MEKO subscribe to a more holistic approach to quality. It is an all inclusive attitude towards quality covering training of human resources and inculcation of finer values like ‘no compromise’ and ‘room for improvement’.

MEKO’s quality management system complies with all the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015 and is focused on the enhancement of customer satisfaction through continual improvement of processes and products demonstrating compliance with customer and regulatory requirements.     


The composition, strength and hardness of all kinds of raw-materials can be precisely tested in our In-house test lab.


Endurance testing is carried out to test the performance and durability of the whole range of water pumps as per customer specifications at the following parameters: 

RPM : 500 – 5000

Temperature : Engine operating temperature

Duration : 500 Hours

Quality Testing